Who is Involved

Discover Regenerative is led by Open Food Network Australia and developed by a network of leading regenerative organisations that are the backbone of regenerative agriculture in Australia.

These partners have been working closely with leading regenerative producers for years. This expertise has been combined to develop the Assurance and Evidence criteria. Their approaches are varied, but their purpose is the same – to rapidly increase the breadth and depth of regenerative agriculture, as a critical response to ecological and climate crises.

Discover Regenerative presents a trusted and united front for Australia’s rapidly emerging regenerative agriculture sector and marketplace. 

Endorsement Partners

Sustainable Table

Sustainable Table is an environmental not-for-profit regenerating Australian food and farming systems from the ground up.

Australian Holistic Management Co-operative

AHMC is part of a global network committed to supporting farming practices that regenerate the land.

Supporting Organisations

Open Food Network

Open Food Network is a not-for-profit organisation working towards fair, open food & farming networks (re)connect people and regenerate the earth.

Soils for Life

Soils for Life (SFL) is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to support Australian farmers to regenerate soils, for resilient people, communities, businesses and landscapes.

SFL has more than 50 in-depth case studies that share the stories and experiences of producers from around Australia who are changing their farming practices to regenerate soils and landscapes.

Regen Farmers Mutual

Regen Farmers Mutual (RFM) is a member-owned organisation – the members are farmers. RFM’s point of difference is that they work with groups of farmers and the landscapes upon which they all rely.

The group uses RFM’s social and technology infrastructure to increase scale, transparency and impact by working together. For each farmer it improves the return they get from environmental markets, supply chains and better productivity.

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) is a collaboration of Australia’s leading Researchers, Educators and Practitioners in regenerative agriculture.

RAA’s vision is to improve the holistic health and wellbeing of Australian landscapes, farmers and communities. The mission is to make regenerative agriculture standard practice throughout Australia through research, education and collaboration.

Australian Organic

Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is a non-profit and member-owned industry body that strives to create a positive impact for humans, animals and the environment, now and in the future.

Since its inception in 1987, under the name ‘Biological Farmers of Australia’, the operation has grown to encompass all levels of the organic sector and engage in diverse initiatives, including government advocacy, policy and research on behalf of the broader industry. AOL strongly support initiatives that provide organic operators with more opportunities to connect with values-aligned buyers.


ORICoop is an Australian co-operative expanding the organic market, shortening the supply chain and improving the sustainability of our food and farming system.

With a vast network of organic and regenerative grower members Australia wide that provide a valuable production and knowledge ecosystem across most commodities. That rewards environmental stewardship, promotes healthier land and food production systems and enables a closer connection with local producers. ORICoop strengthens Australia’s food and farming economy for a sustainable future.

Farmer’s Footprint Australia

Farmer’s Footprint Australia (FFA) is a national not-for-profit giving voice to Australia’s regenerative food story.

FFA exists to unite, inspire and accelerate the regenerative movement through the mediums of story, experiences and collaboration. The ethos is one of Progress Over Protection, and much like Discover Regenerative showcases, FFA recognise that regeneration is a journey rather than a destination. FFA is pleased to share this path with the other aligned organisations. 

Recognised Certifying Bodies

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